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Bromley - Signs and Designs

Page 13

Walking around the centre of Bromley, particularly if don't mind tripping over a kerb or stepping in a puddle (or worse), you will notice a great deal of variety and interest in the streets and buildings. These pages attempt to capture some of this minutiae of life in Bromley in 2006. It does not pretend to be comprehensive or logical, and I may well have missed many better sights of interest simply because I walked down the wrong side of the road or just didn't walk along that one! Equally, similar features can be found in many of the roads and, in most cases, it is the first one of a type I saw that got into the collection. So far as is practicable, I have removed specific identifying information, but you should be able to locate most of these pictures without much difficulty!

Although my selection is fairly random, and every time I go out I see more things I could have included, I have tried to divide the pictures into some sort of grouping for convenience of display. As usual, to see more detail, click on a picture. For a brief description/location or some witty comment, hover over the small image first. If you have an interesting piece of infomation to add, please let me know.

All the pictures were taken in February, March and April 2006.

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