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Bromley - "Old" Pictures

Page 4

Below are a selection of pictures taken in and around the centre of Bromley in 1988-90.

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4.1 The replacement Methodist church on Holwood Road (the previous one on the High Street having been replaced a few years ealier) in 1988. 4.2 Two years later and space is being made for the Glades. The Churchill theatre and Central Library behind.4.3 The car park before being covered by Glades and Pavilion Leisure Centre. The Quercus oak still survives (after a struggle) and is just visible on the right of picture The end of Kentish Way in 1990 when it turned right into Elmfield Road. The remains of Love Lane is in the trees on the left (compare with picture 3.2.)
4.5 A reflective picture from what is now the ground floor car park inside the Pavilion Leisure Centre. Cunningly, you can't see my reflection!4.6 Looking down Palace View from beside the Bank of America building. Kentish Way now cuts across the pictue and, sadly, this useful short cut to the station can now only be done on foot.4.7 Masons Hill in 1988. The buildings in the foreground have been replaced by Kentish Way. This can be compared with the next picture as well as Picture 3.4 4.8 The junction of Masons Hill with Kentish Way in June 2000. The white building (Victoria House) behind the lamp post can be seen in the previous picture.

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