Bromley - Signs and Designs


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A new building in Widmore Road with, unusually, its date of building.
Bromley's second shopping mall, just off the High Street, had a tall residential block included at its centre. It is actually quite well disguised but the ariels on the top can be spotted with little effort.
No, not Elizabethan, probably 1920s/30s. A fairly common site, these are in Rochester Avenue.
Decorative false front to a building in the upper High Street, i.e. north of the Market Square.
East Street chapel roof
Chimneys and spires on top of The Crown in Plaistow Lane.
Although the store is long gone, David Grieg's, the grocers, reminds the observant of its past presence in the Market Square.
Part of the interesting designs - Art Deco? - on the walls of the former Art College in Tweedy Road which can also be seen in picture 5.5.
Moorland Road terrace houses.
An unusual decoration in Newbury Road.
Government offices in Masons Hill.
It looks like an owl, but why it's in Hawes Road I don't know!
Just one of a series of decorated houses in Aldermary Road.
A combination of roof and chimney in Plaistow Lane.
A nice pair of chimneys, in Lansdown Road.
Decorative roof in Bromley Gardens.
Bromley North station, see also picture 3.1 for a wider view.
The roof of an office and shop in the Market Square.
A decorative gable in Widmore Road.
Decorative window and roof line in the Broadway.
A modern roof line in Lansdown Road - I'm not sure what the stuck on bits are for!
I think this is a pediment, but it may just be pointless! There are quite a few around, this one is in East Street.
Part of a richly decorated building opposite the main Post Office.
An oddly decorated, and shaped, building in East Street. It might look better without the white paint.
London Road roof and chimneys.
I don't know what the SES stands for, but it has been a news agents all my life.
This High Street building (with shop below) must be Georgian.
A modern roofline (from the rear) in Wendover Road.
The complex decororation of the Star and Garter in the High Street.
St. Josephs primary school in Plaistow Lane.
St. Marks church tower in Westmoreland Road built in 1897 survived WWII unlike the church which had to be rebuilt.
Because Sundridge Park station is in a cutting, the waiting room chimney is almost at ground level from Plaistow Grove.
This heavy tiling style was obviously popular in the late 19th century. This example is in Widmore Road.
This unusual tower must have an interesting history but for now, the mystery remains unsolved in Highland Road.
Not quite in accordance with my own rules, but I liked this combination of designs down Horsley Road to Sherman Road.
A really nice chimney to be seen in Hayes Lane.
A decorative feature in College Road.
Unusual dormer windows in Upper Park Road.
Clock and roof on an office block in Westmoreland Road.
A collection (I wonder what the official word is) of chimneys at the back of the High Street.
Windvane to be found in South View. Fox hunting is still possible around here!
A windvane in Tweedy Road. I am not sure why the horse and cart, the building is fairly recent!
This Plaistow Lane house was home to my first doctor - I even played in the sandpit with the son of the house.
St. Mary's bell tower in College Road was meant to be temporary until they could afford more bells. That was over a hundred years ago!
Decoration in Bromley Gardens - not as old as looks I suspect!

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