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Bromley Update - April 21st 2003

Page 8

As always, I suppose, towns are constantly changing in big and small ways. This page updates some previous pictures (which are identified in each caption) and shows places where recent changes have taken place.

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8.1 Compare with 5.7 and 5.8. The new building contains retirement flats. Tweedy Road is wider and the end buildings in East Street have been demolished.8.2 Compare with 6.4. The old hospital/ garage is no more, now being replaced by offices. The old house on the right was the surgery for my first dentist!8.3 Compare with 2.7. Not a direct comparison and I'm not sure when the plaque appeared - it doesn't look that new? The flats behind are part of the Glades development.8.4 Compare with 4.1 and 4.2. The Churchill theatre is now invisible behind the side entrance to the Glades. No, that's not a lighthouse on the right, it's a feature!
8.5 Compare with 3.6. Churchill Insurance has become partly obscured by the new police station (thought it was to be a cinema complex!) but no matter as they are busy refurbishing the old ICL office on the right.8.6 Compare with 4.6. This illustrates how Kentish Way has been shoe-horned into the back of the town, but quite discretely. Notice also one of the joke cycle lanes next to the parking space!8.7 Be warned - if you cut your finger now, it's another 15 minutes drive to the new Princess Royal University Hospital, or Farnborough as we and the notice writers will continue to call it!8.8 A bit out of my usual area but, as one of those who has spent anxious minutes (and longer) waiting for the points at Shortlands Junction to be mended, the sight of the new fly-under only 150 years after the line was built is a welcome arrival.

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