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Bromley - April 21st 2003

Page 9

Some more bits of central Bromley which, for various reasons, haven't appeared on the site before!

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9.1 The County Court (civil) at the junction of College and Tweedy Roads. There is a large extension at the rear.9.2 The entrance to Bromley College for the widows of clergy.9.3 Bromley College - central area and chapel. After more than 50 years in Bromley, this was the first time I had gone (trespassed) in!9.4 Bromley College - south wing adjacent to College Slip.
9.5 The Parish Church of St. Peter struggles to be seen with the telephone exchange on the left and the Churchill Theatre/Library in the distance.9.6 The Parish Church - all but the tower was completely destroyed by bombing on 16th April 1941 which was the worst night of the war in Bromley. Can you spot the squirrel?9.7 Martins Hill - the view from near the War Memorial. The tower of the former Bromley Waterworks rises in the valley.9.8 A flood relief pool on the Ravensbourne at the bottom of the Library Gardens. It's still just a stream at this point.

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