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Pictures of Bromley

On the following pages are a selection of photographs taken in and around the centre of Bromley. To make it easier to locate individual pictures I have added this index. However, if you just want to take the tour, click now on Page 1!

PS If there are areas or pictures of central Bromley you would like to see featured here, drop us a line or try this photo archive for some more pictures. Some more photos of Bromley, including some quite old ones, can be found from the following pages: the Bromley Borough Local History Society (which I also maintain!); Frith Collection - a particularly good site; Suburbia in focus and Photolondon. Another source, albeit limited so far as Bromley is concerned, is the English Heritage photographic collection.

A larger version of each picture can be seen by clicking on the "thumbnail". If you cannot see all the picture, try pressing F11 to enlarge the screen (and F11 again to return to normal view).

Picture Page 1

1.1 London Road and Beckenham Lane1.5 Church House gardens
1.2 High Street near the Odeon cinema1.6 Library Gardens (towards Shortlands)
1.3 High Street Caligulette restaurant1.7 Library Gardens (towards the High St.)
1.4 The war memorial Martins Hill1.8 Residential street scene

Picture Page 2

2.1 H.G.Wells mural2.5 Queens Garden
2.2 Market Square2.6 Inside the Glades
2.3 High Street2.7 Queens Garden
2.4 High Street2.8 Queens Garden

Picture Page 3

3.1 Bromley North station3.5 Eurostar
3.2 Kentish Way3.6 Bromley South station
3.3 Tigers Head3.7 "Old" train
3.4 Masons Hill3.8 The Broadway

Picture Page 4

4.1 Holwood Road4.5 Solotec building
4.2 Building the Glades4.6 Palace View
4.3 Elmfied Road car park4.7 Masons Hill in 1988
4.4 Kentish Way in 19904.8 Masons Hill in 2000

Picture Page 5

5.1 Bromley Civic Centre5.5 Former Town Hall
5.2 Civic Centre lake5.6 Tweedy Road looking south
5.3 Lownds Avenue 19885.7 Tweedy Road 1989
5.4 "Lownds Avenue" 19895.8 Tweedy Road 1990

Picture Page 6

6.1 H.G.Wells Centre6.5 Bromley South
6.2 South Street6.6 Looking towards Shortlands
6.3 Parking instructions sign!6.7 Library Gardens lake
6.4 Park Road6.8 Queen's Mead park

Picture Page 7

7.1 Widmore Green from Widmore Road7.6 Bromley Bowling Club
7.2 The Oak7.7 Sundridge Park lodge
7.3 Plaistow Lane7.8 Sundridge Park station
7.4 Cottage7.9 Sundridge Park parade
7.5 St. Joseph's Church7.10 Springhill - junction with Burnt Ash Lane

Picture Page 8

8.1 Tweedy Road8.5 Bromley South station
8.2 Widmore Road - demolition8.6 Palace View
8.3 Queens Garden plaque8.7 Bromley Accident & Emergency
8.4 Elmfield Road and the Glades8.8 Shortlands Junction

Picture Page 9

9.1 County Court9.5 Parish Church
9.2 Bromley College - entrance9.6 Parish Church
9.3 Bromley College - chapel9.7 Martins Hill
9.4 Bromley College - south wing9.8 River Ravensbourne pool

Picture Page 10

10.1 Father Christmas10.7 Allders
10.2 Dancing Girls10.8 Street Market
10.3 Tall men10.9 Steel Band
10.4 Fireworks10.10 Glades (exterior)
10.5 Police Station10.11 Glades (interior)
10.6 Decorations10.12 Santa's grotto

Picture Page 11

11.1 High Street11.9 Tigers Head
11.2 High Street11.10 Bromley Hospital site
11.3 High Street11.11 Bromley Hosptial site
11.4 H.G. Wells becomes Charles Darwin!11.12 Fire Station
11.5 Library Gardens11.13 Tweedy Road
11.6 Library Gardens11.14 Widmore Road - new office
11.7 Paddling pool11.15 Queens Gardens panorama
11.8 Squirrel

Picture Page 12

12.1 Bromley College12.7 Keston Postmill
12.2 Bromley College Lodge12.8 Down House
12.3 Sundridge Park Mansion12.9 Holwood House
12.4 Sundridge Park Gatehouse12.10 Holwood Estate
12.5 Wickham Court12.11 Wilberforce Seat
12.6 Wickham Court Walled Garden12.12 Crystal Palace Dinosaurs

Picture Page 13

13.A Roofs
13.B Signs
13.C Designs

Picture Page 14

14.1 Ridley Road collapse14.9 Masons Hill
14.2 Ridley Road clearance14.10 Kentish Way
14.3 Ridley Road view14.11 Kentish Way
14.4 High Street14.12 Queens Garden skating rink
14.5 High Street14.13 Widmore Road accident
14.6 East - West Streets14.14 Widmore Road helicopter
14.7 Storm Drain14.15 Helicopter at Bromley Cricket Ground
14.8 Storm Drain

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