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Plaistow Lane

from Widmore Green to Burnt Ash Lane

Page 7

Plaistow Lane runs round the north side of Bromley and still retains a faintly rural charm along with a variety of architecture, schools, shops, guest houses and sports clubs. (Pictures taken on Satuday 28th July 2001).

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7.1 Despite calling the bus stop "Plaistow Lane", this is a view of Widmore Green from Widmore Road, looking towards Bickley.7.2 The Oak pub, and some of the adjacent houses are amongst the older properties surrounding the green with its large central tree and horse trough.7.3 Leaving Widmore Green, the road still looks a bit like the twisting lane it presumably once was. Very little is like this now!7.4 Houses along the lane range from the inappropriately modern to the inconveniently Victorian, plus a few more unusual properties like this one.7.5 St. Joseph's RC church (with the Convent School beyond left) at the junction of Plaistow Lane with Orchard Road.
7.6 Bromley Bowling Club green. Opposite the club is an unusual single storey house with a large central hall, built I believe for an Italian ambassador.7.7 The lodge house for the former Sundridge Park estate, now a management training centre and the golf course.7.8 Sundridge Park station, once neat and tidy, it now appears to be returning to nature. Plaistow Lane crosses behind the footbridge.7.9 Sundridge Parade, just down from the station bridge, used to be a thriving small shopping centre, but now looks rather run down.7.10 The final junction with Burnt Ash Lane (behind the trees on the left), once the site of the large Springhill house and garden, now long gone and apparently forgotten.

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