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Bromley - Christmas 2004

Page 10

Bromley in festive mood!

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10.1 Father Christmas arrives (at the start of November), along with the Mayor and Spiderman...10.2 Accompanied by dancing girls (from the Village of the Damned by the look of it).... 10.3 ... and some tall men.10.4 Finally the lights are turned on and fireworks signal the start of the Christmas shopping frenzy.
10.5 Some reflections on the new police station next to Bromley South station (along with the ghost of Christmas Present).10.6 A typical lamp-post decoration - the real ones weren't blurred however.10.7 Allders in festive mood - sadly the store closed down three months later!10.8 Looking south down the pedestrianised High Street - German and Farmers' market stalls.
10.9 Various bands and singers have appeared around the town centre in the run-up to Christmas. This young band was playing carols outside Allders - don't know who they were but very good.10.10 Southern entrance to the Glades facing the Broadway.10.11 Magic and Sparkle in the centre of the Glades.10.12 Ah, this is where Father Christmas got to....

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