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Bromley - 2005

Page 11

Pictured below are a variety of updates of old pictures plus some new views taken during the spring/early summer of 2005.

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11.1 To enhance its Green credentials, the Council decided to remove the trees and plants which have made the Broadway attractive for many years, seen here for the last time in March.11.2 The new improved layout is not yet complete but, three months later, you get the general idea!11.3 By chance, the day I was out snapping, they were installing new air con. equipment (I assume) in the Glades. It was a very big crane.11.4 The H.G. Wells mural, having decayed, has been painted over and now a new mural featuring Charles Darwin has appeared (HG still gets a look-in)(compare with 2.1 ) painted by local artist Bruce Williams.
11.5 A view of the Library Gardens. I don't remember a fountain before but it seems to be a permanent feature?11.6 Another view of the lake with the Churchill Theatre just visible in the background.11.7 The paddling pool is still advertised at the park entrance but does not seem to be functional.11.8 One of the many squirrels to be found in the adjacent Church House Gardens, and everywhere else in Bromley. At least this one isn't digging up my plants.
11.9 A view of the junction of Kentish Way and Masons Hill with the Tigers Head almost surrounded. Compare with The site of Bromley Hospital Accident and Emergency wing - compare with 8.7 - now replaced by a large housing estate.11.11 Until 2003, this was the site of the original "Cottage Hospital". Unfortunately they knocked it down before I got there with my camera!11.12 I have frequently passed the fire station hoping to see some action, without luck, only to have a wailing fire engine pass me 100 yards down the road. All was quiet on 9th June when I passed by.
11.13 Fifteen years on from 5.5, with the old Art School now converted to flats (and it's still 7.55) and the junction complete with the north end of Love Lane separating it from the Baptist church.11.14 Just two years on from 8.2 and the new company HQ offices are now complete - from the expensive design of the building to the cars with personalised number plates normally parked in front, clearly a sucessful business!11.15 A panoramic view of Queens Gardens with the Glades on the left to Kentish Way on the right. The "man" with the red balloon (pointing to the balloons on the wall) used to be inside but got moved during recent internal renovation.

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