Bromley - Signs and Designs


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An old style barber's pole, this one in Palace Road, but there are others around.
Just make sure this Park End bin doesn't contain 'domestic' waste - to use these bins you must create your rubbish on the move!
Crescent Road has some eclectic architecture as well as former residents!
This Widmore Road sign is steadily fading away but is still just visible at the moment.
The old Bromley Office Supplies Office in East Street is now a large restaurant.
Not sure why we have acquired this piece of gneiss in Queens Gardens, but thank you The Highland Council.
This unusal name for a house, along with some male friends, can be found in Freelands Road.
This can be found by the Parish Church. I personally think it rather ugly.
Lots of these around, I just happened to take this one in Hayes Lane.
An old Victorian bakery in East Street has been, since 1938, the secluded home of the Little Theatre. Now accessed from Compass Lane.
A 1927 manhole cover in Rochester Avenue, installed when the Palace Estate was built.
A house name in Recreation Road - looks like Ivy Cottages.
Although the Metropolitan Water Board is long gone, there are still stopcocks down there - this one in South View.
An attractive, if obvious, pub sign at Widmore Green.
There may be no advertised collections anymore, but this box has been doing its job for over 50 years.
One of the many pubs in what 100+ years ago was New Bromley, centered around Palace Raod.
I must have passed this pub hundreds of times but never noticed the sign before. An interesting, even ironic, idea to represent Freelands Road.
The Tigers Head is old, but the sign is new. You can see the whole pub in picture 3.3.
Yet another pub in Palace Road but why the Anglesey Arms?
That's definitely bridge no. 1411 at Sundridge Park station. The distance is measured from Charing Cross.
Parking sign in Aylesbury Road.
Lights to the left, bus lane to the right. Got it? If not, don't leave Freelands Road until you have.
House name in College Road - the developers were obviously running out of local names!
A similar lack of imagination displayed in Ravensbourne Avenue.
Located outside The Hill car park, this was a real surprise but sadly it is just a painting!
A central feature of the new estate built on the former Bromley Hospital site is its electrical sub-station!
Another exciting feature on the old Bromley Hospital site.
Actually the dog in the picture looks quite friendly, but I didn't take any risks while in Aylesbury Road.
This somewhat vague sign can be found in a number of places apart from Elmfield Road. Presumably this one is indicating Heaven or the other place?
Nice to know what is going on in Hayes Lane and in the next picture the risks involved.
Whilst I am all for keeping things safe, I think you would have to work hard to drown in this bit of the River Ravensbourne at Hayes Lane!
Signs at Ravensbourne School, for a further picture, see the Bromley Education page.
Since an earlier bridge collapsed in the 19th century, it seems a good idea to take note of this warning for the 'Ivy Bridge' in Murray Avenue.
I don't know who Ken Pierce is (or was), but he is remembered in London Road.
The entrance to the Churchill Theatre with the Library behind.
This store has long gone but they built to last in the good old days and this sign is still easily spotted in the High Street.
Nice to know you have got a parking space on Earth (well Lowndes Way at least) as well as in Heaven! Also an excellent use of the apostrophe.
No dogs allowed in the children's playground in Newbury Road.
Neat place to put the daily milk delivery at this Victorian house off Ravensbourne Avenue.
Since it is built on old farm land, this house name in Park Road is probably taken from a local name, but I couldn't find it on the map.
Another of the verbose parking signs favoured locally - see also picture 6.3 - but I am wondering what these 'conditions' are?
Another Queen's Gardens plaque, most appropriatly in this instance, but I am not convinced that it is  the original tree.
Yet another Queen's Gardens memorial, this one for Holocaust Day. I don't know why it is off-centre.
A collection of signs in Tweedy Road - basically, just keep going!
On leaving Westmoreland Road car park you have a choice of shopping or the loo!
These little signs sprout wherever there is a piece of Council planting, usually advertising some sort of faith, hope or commercial undertaking.
You have been warned in Sherman Road.
I have suggested that the market move back to the town centre but apparently that isn't feasible, so here it is stuck out in Station Road.
This plaque is in the Library Gardens and commemorates the excellent work of a local environmental organisation.
Tucked away in St. Mary's churchyard is this small sign.

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