Bromley - Signs and Designs


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I was really surprised to see this lot in Farwig Lane (Earwig Lane to graffito artists!).
The Pavilion Leisure Centre seen from Queens Gardens.
Although tucked away off Widmore Road, Bibas nightclub has been there a long time so some people must know about it.
Window in St. Johns church in Park Road.
A hidden bit of the Ravensbourne from Streamside. I wonder who thought up that name?
A war memorial in the churchyard of the Parish Church.
Simple but effective decoration in Widmore Road.
Decoration in a newer part of Ravensbourne School in Hayes Lane.
The footbridge from Wendover Road. One used to use the road bridge but life is precious.
It looks like a butterfly but it is not clear what it is doing in Bishop's Avenue.
A lot of work went into the door of this church in Freelands Road.
A decorative set of windows in Upper Park Road.
The door of the the somwhat gloomy Christ Scientist's building in Widmore Road
More decoration on the church in Freelands Road.
Bromley North station must have had more decorative plasterwork at one time but this seems to be all that is left.
Decorative doorway in Park Road.
The lytch gate to Christ Church in Highland Road.
Waitrose's big green clock facing Mason's Hill is something to look at as you sit in traffic.
This warehouse crane can be found in Compass Lane.
Attractive decoration does not really disguise Westmoreland Road car park and the more recent addition of the tin roof spoils the effect.
Looking a bit like a ceiling rose, this can be found in Rochester Avenue.
Attractive tiling on the wall of this house in Sandford Road.
This new house in Freelands Road, on the site of a former garage, seems to have a slightly nautical flavour.
A lot of decoration which must once have meant something can be found on this house in Hayes Lane.
Decoration on a new house on the former Bromley hospital site. It's just a shame that every house there seems to have the identical piece of glass!
By contrast there are a range of designs in Freelands Road of which these two are examples.
Maybe a retired sailor lived here, since College Road is water free.
Attractive if decaying decoration on a house in Ethelbert Road.
Yet more decorative features for a front door in Freelands Road.
The new office in Widmore Road, pictured in 11.14, has acquired this strange obelisk in front of it.
More porch decoration, this time in Glebe Road.
Despite the strange figure, I think this house in Hayes Road was built in 1902!
Siince the name Farwig appears to have no meaning, it must be difficult to come up with a meaningful sign for the pub in College Road. So they haven't!
This patriotic site was to be seen the day I passed by next to the market in Station Road.
The decaying footbridge accross the line near Bromley North station does not offer the same train-spotting opportunities that it once did.
This imposing fountain was erected in Queens Mead to celebrate Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee.
This doric arch adorns a small dwelling in Florence Road.
Easter Island has come to this garden in South View.
Whatever its current use, these arches in Beckenham Lane were probably built for some other purpose.
The ornate entrance to the Glades in what used tob Lowndes Avenue.
An unusually colourful entrance to this house in Hayes Road.
This statue, once inside the Glades, is called 'Now What' and can be seen again in picture 11.15.
The nautical flavour returns again with this house in Park End.
An unnerving sight which you can observe when approaching the Market Square.
This little pagoda can be found near the maze in Queens Gardens.
Most phone lines are buried these days but odd clusters still exist. This one is in Bromley Gardens.
Although it has been buttressed, this looks like a pretty old bridge carrying the Ravensbourne under the railway near Bromley South. The brickwork is very impressive.
Window design in Murray Avenue which seems to specialise in different shapes and sizes.
A bow window at the Royal Bell in the High Street.
This chiming clock is a recent addition to the High Street's ambience.
This attractive arch leads into a school on Beckenham Hill. Yes, it does say 'Keep the gate shut'
An unusual and highly decorated house in Plaistow Lane.
Apparently it's a bulldog and I guess its name is Churchill!
Unusual external tiling on the Railway Hotel in East Street.
A mediterranean flavour comes to Murray Avenue. I like the reflections which were quite by chance.
And another decorated window in Murray Avenue.
This very bold design can be found in Hayes Lane.
Every house was different in Hammelton Road and I chose this one.

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