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Bromley - 26th July 1998

Page 3

Below are a selection of pictures taken in and around the centre of Bromley on Saturday 26th July 1998.

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3.1 Bromley North station, vintage 1926, between much newer Northside House and the old Sorting Office3.2 Looking south along Kentish Way with the Glades to the right3.3 The south end of Kentish Way where it crosses Bromley South station and meets Masons Hill outside the Tigers Head pub3.4 Masons Hill with the Churchill Insurance building centre and Waitrose supermarket on the right. Bromley Hospital is off to the left
3.5 The 12:27 from Waterloo to Brussels passes through Bromley South station, under Kentish Way3.6 Bromley South station from Kentish Way3.7 The 12:55 (Saturdays only) to Edinburgh. No, I don't know why it has a 37 year old Deltic diesel pulling it!3.8 Looking up the Broadway from outside Bromley South station, a tower of what was once the Gaumont cinema (now Habitat) is visible on the left

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