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Bromley - "Old" Pictures

Page 5

Below are a selection of pictures taken in and around the centre of Bromley in 1988-90.

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5.1 Bromley Civic Centre, formerly Stockwell Teacher Training College, formerly Bromley Palace - for the Bishop of Rochester. This side is not often seen and what they built on the other side shouldn't be!5.2 The Lake within the Civic Centre, home to the occasional swan, but otherwise kept pretty private by the Council. Both pictures taken in March 1988, the gaps in the trees caused by the "Great Storm" the previous October.5.3 Lownds Avenue, looking towards the back of Marks & Spencer, in March 1988, with the small Queens Gardens car park on the left.5.4 Virtually the same scene 18 months later. The same site ten years later, now in the Glades, but from the other direction, can be seen in Picture 2.6.
5.5 The former Town Hall (c1906), now part of Bromley College of Education, under repair while a new junction with Kentish Way is completed. The original Art School (c1878), then being used by Relate (Divorce Guidance) and now to be converted into "luxury" flats, is on the right.5.6 Looking back to the Town Hall. The houses on the right, last used by Age Concern, have long gone, as has the attractive half-timbered building at the end of the road.5.7 Tweedy Road. looking to the junction of Sherman Road (on the right) and East Street (on the left) in September 1989.5.8 Virtually the same scene in May 1990 with a temporary one way system in operation and other "improvements" being made.

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