Super Competition - no entry fee and nothing to collect!

Yes! Your chance to guess the purpose of the Bromley South Station Piazza. First examine the picture below then, using your skill and judgement, choose from the suggested options which you think is the most likely answer. Finally, to see if you have won, click on "The Answer" to find out!

Bromley South Piazza - 11th June 2004
a)A new skate board rink
b)An assault course for the disabled
c)A way of reducing the number of people cluttering up the trains
d)To waste more tax-payers' money
e)A giant boules pitch (with balls provided)
f)A cobbled area for horse and carriage scenes in Jane Austen films
g)A fitness trail for people with luggage
h)An all-weather cricket pitch
i)It has no purpose

The Answer!

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