Another Super Competition - and you have already qualified to take part!

Following the success of its Bromley South Piazza, the Council have again provided us with a novel and challenging test. As usual, your skill and judgement are required to decide the purpose of the new arrival at the junction of Masons Hill and Kentish Way. Choose from the suggested options which you think is the most likely answer. Finally, to see if you are right, click on "The Answer" to find out!

Civic Art
a)They are drilling for oil
b)A child's climbing frame
c)The skeleton of a London General bus
d)To waste more tax-payers' money (again)
e)How our gardens will look if the drought continues
f)Some redundant scaffolding
g)Another part of the Bromley South area fitness trail
h)It fell off an old fire engine
i)It has no purpose

The Answer!

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