Diesel Engines (3)

Below are a selection of photos of diesel locomotives taken on at various times during the 1980s.

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D3.1. 45035 and 31245 await departure from Leeds - 26-03-1980D3.2. 33119 negotiates the backstreets of Weymouth on its way to the Quay during August 1981D3.3. After zealous detective work by Nick Leverton, this has been identified as 46026 "Leicester and Derbyshire Yeomanry", seen here at Dawlish Warrent heading towards Exeter - 02-02-1981D3.4. 47081 heading in the same direction nearer Dawlish - 02-02-1981
D3.5. IC125 unit 253002 rounds the curve after leaving Teignmouth heading north - 02-02-1981D3.6. 50027 following in the same direction a little further north - 02-02-1981D3.7. 50030 heading towards Teignmouth and Plymouth - 02-02-1981D3.8. Another IC125 heads towards Teignmouth, the unusually placed signal to allow nothbound trains good sighting on the sharp curve - 02-02-1981
D3.9. An IC125 heading south near Teignmouth - 02-02-1981D3.10. A two-car DMU rumbles over the Ribblehead viaduct on a dull summer's day - 18-08-1986D3.11. CIE 225 approaches Dun Laghaire with a service from Dublin - 15-09-1980D3.12. CIE 218 with another train for Dun Laoghaire nears the end of its journey - 15-09-1980
D3.13. An Enterprise express service, with NIR motive power, leaves Dublin for Belfast - 15-09-1980D3.14. SNCB 6276 with a passenger service at Oostende - 13-02-1980D3.15. SNCB 8423 passes through Oostende on shunting duties - 13-02-1980

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