Diesel Engines (2)

Below are a selection of photos of diesel locomotives taken on at various times during the 1970s.

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D2.1. 47403 ready to head south from Newcastle while 03147 shunts in the background - 1975D2.2. 08910 at Carlisle Citidal station - 1975D2.3. 20050 and 20168 pull the Stewarts Lane breakdown crane (presumably for repair) through Derby station - 1975D2.4. 33033 off the rails outside Grove Park shed, the driver having mistaken the line he was on (taken from a passing train) - 1975
D2.5. In pre-dayglo days, a motorail train passes a Class 24 in Mossend yard near Glasgow - Sep 1976D2.6. Another Class 24 in the mountains near Dalwhinnie - Sep 1976D2.7. 47424 departs from Inverness - 13-09-1977D2.8. 26008 and 26014 arrive at Inverness - 13-09-1977
D2.9. 26014 and 26008 attached and ready to depart south from Inverness - 13-09-1977D2.10. 40142 heading a train out of Edinburgh Waverley station - 14-09-1977D2.11. 55009, without any adornment, waits to take the 0950 Flying Scotsman to London - 14-09-1977D2.12. 37051 uses the central crossing in the very long Cambridge platform - May 1978
D2.13. 45136 and 45132 await their departures from St. Pancras - 1975D2.14. Not long afterwards, 45132, having ground to an unscheduled halt at Harpenden, awaits rescue from 30464 - 1975D2.15. A Class 47 pulls in to Peterborough - 1977D2.16. A Class 47 hauled Merry-go-round coal train enters Drax power station - 08-08-1978
D2.17. The prototype HST 252001 ready for departure from Paddington - 1975D2.18. The same unit arriving at Reading - 1975D2.19. HST 252001 at Weston super Mare on arrival from Paddington - 1975D2.20. The same unit causing interest and derision (at its dirty state) when on display at the 150th anniversary parade at Shildon in 1975
D2.21. 50050 heading 47224 into Reading on their way to London - 1975D2.22. A production HST, now an IC125, pulls into York in August 1978

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