Diesel Engines (1)

Below are a selection of photos of diesel locomotives taken on at various times during the 1960s.

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D1.1. Blue Pullman at Swansea - August 1967D1.2. D82 passing Kentish Town in 1964. An "early" model with gangway doorsD1.3. D124 departing light from St. Pancras in 1965D1.4. D202 joining its coaches at Liverpool Street in 1963
D1.5. D1000 in "Desert Sand" livery at Old Oak Common - it was only when this picture was developed I realised I had an audience!D1.6. D1005 at Swansea having just arrived from LondonD1.7. Another view of the same engine departing the stationD1.8. D1021 passes stored steam engines at Severn Tunnel Junction, August 1967.
D1.9. DP2, a Deltic shell used as a testbed for the Class 50 (thank you Paul Appleby for the correction), at Kings Cross in 1963D1.10. D1512 at Kings Cross with the running shed in the backgroundD1.11. D1682, D1009 and D7053 at Old Oak Common in 1964D1.12. D1941 at Swansea Landore depot in August 1967
D1.13. D2084 was an unusual choice for the parcels train from Bromley North, seen here just north of Sundridge Park in 1967D1.14. D2146 passing Haverfordwest glimpsed from a DEMU D1.15. D3312 in the parcels sidings at Kings Cross in 1963D1.16. D3364 with a steel train at Llanelly - August 1967
D1.17. D6343 and D7072 at Old Oak Common in 1965D1.18. D6547, also an unusual choice for the mixed freight from Bromley North back to Hither Green in 1963D1.19. D6712 in a siding at Liverpool Street in 1963D1.20. D6881passing through Llanelly in August 1967
D1.21. D6884 with a coal train at Llanelly - August 1967D1.22. D6884 returning later with just the brake vanD1.23. D6993 passes D7094 at Newport in August 1967D1.24. D7079 departs eastward from Cardiff Central - August 1967
D1.25. D8036 in the old, but much less gloomy Euston of 1963D1.26. D8012 in the yard at Willesden Junction, 1965D1.27. D9524 under repair at Old Oak Common in 1965D1.28. D9517, unusually for this class, actually performing useful service at Cardiff - August 1967
D1.29. Warship D837 "Ramillies" (I am assured by Martin Street as I have no idea) heads for Exeter along the seafront at Dawlish in 1962D1.30. Another Warship, D852 "Tenacious", at Old Oak Common shed in 1964

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